LMAO! Perez Hilton is a feisty lil something, but when you put him up against the firecracker called K. Michelle, the battle is on. The blogger and reality star singer began a twitter war over the sounds of Iggy Azalea. Yes, Iggy was minding her business while one person slammed her and another defended her – clutch. Check out the exchange of fighting words down below.

JaaiR (JR)

CAT FIGHT! How did it begin? K. claimed that Iggy has taken on a Memphis, TN accent in her raps (scratches head) and that set of Ms/Mr Hilton.

LMAO, I’m not one to get in the middle of some beef (I merely report it), but can we say oh-so-stupid-s**t! Funny though! Meanwhile, Iggy is somewhere with Nick Young getting her booty felt on (go girl!).

Check out the gallery!

Perez is HA-LAR…

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