Now it is clear Donald Sterling is not going to go quietly. It was announced a short time ago that the embattled Current Clippers owner is going to sue the NBA for $1 billion dollars. His lawyer has confirmed this is true and the root of the lawsuit obviously all stems from the league trying to force him to sell. It gets even worse as he is currently debating on whether to sue his wife also! Hit the jump.


That $2 Billion dollar sale of the Clippers is going top have to be put on hold. Sterling is going to tie up the legal system in an effort to at least temporarily block the sale of his team. It was reported last night that former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made a all cash offer, yes $2 billion in all cash, to buy the team and it was approved. But that will have to wait now.

Now it is also unclear what his lawsuit actually does to the proposed sale of the team. Ballmer is not included in any of the lawsuits so maybe he can also find a way around this to still have the sale pushed through. All I know is this is going to become a huge headache for the NBA. The owners vote on whether to terminate Sterling as the owner will still take place on June 3rd.