Once you reach a certain level of celebrity, you don’t even have to do anything to make money. It just finds a way to come to you. Last week before all the nonsense happened between Floyd & T.I., Floyd was actually throwing a party for his daughter Iyanna, who was turning 14. He rented out the ballroom at the MGM Las Vegas for the event. His daughter got a big surprise when Nicki Minaj walked in. Hit the jump.



Nicki Minaj doesn’t even have to sing to make bank — sources tell TMZ Floyd Mayweather Jr. paid her $50,000 just to show her face at his daughter’s 14th birthday party.

According to sources, Mayweather rented out the entire MGM ballroom in Vegas to celebrate Iyanna Mayweather’s birthday last weekend — and Nicki showed up to surprise her.

We’re told Nicki stayed for about an hour — hanging out with Iyanna, taking pics … annnd that’s pretty much it.

The party indirectly had something to do with the brawl later on that night because it was this party that T.I.’s wife Tiny showed up to and was taking pics with Floyd’s daughter and just chilling at the party. No, she was not paid to be there lol, but either way it didn’t sit well with Tip and that’s what led to things escalating later that night.