The Westboro Baptist Church is back with more of their disgusting nonsense. According to their Twitter page, the hate spewing joke of a church is keeping an eye out for when and where Dr. Maya Angelou’s funeral will be. Find out what the church has to say about the deceased poet after the jump.


The worst church to ever come into existence is calling Dr. Maya Angelou a “fag enabler.” What? I can’t even fathom the ignorance. They told one Twitter user that if they don’t want them to picket her funeral, then they should ask them to speak at it. They must be out of their minds.

Wait, that’s old news, these crazy a-holes have been out of their minds. Check out that tweet and more of their moronic hate below. And these people claim to be lovers. HA! That’s more of a joke then their entire church is.

SOURCE: Complex