Haven’t seen or heard much from Jermaine Dupri or Ne-Yo in the last few months, that doesn’t mean they are not working. In fact they are working so hard that the ASCAP also known as the annual Rhythm & Soul Music Awards will be honoring them both June 26th at their 27th annual show.

Aisha Renee Noel

The show is hosted by The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. This is a big deal being that the show is invite only. Jermaine Dupri will be awarded with the ASCAP Founders Award. This award is in recognition for his work as a pioneer within hip-hop as an artist, songwriter and producer contributing to music and his peers. Ne-Yo on the other hand will be awarded with the ASCAP Golden Note Award, which is provided to songwriters, composers and artists who achieved extraordinary career milestones.

Karen Civil