Well, I guess it’s never too soon nowadays. A school district in Oregon is giving students who are as young as sixth grade access to condoms. I mean being pregnant as a teen seems to be all the rage recently, with it even being broadcasted on a hit TV show, but does that mean we should encourage sex at such a young age? Or is it just being realistic and safer than we have been?


According to the Statesman Journal, the Gervais School District has decided that it’s time that condoms are made more available to students after 9 young girls between the grades 6 and 12 became pregnant during the school year. That’s terrible considering in 6th grade these young girls are literally just becoming physically able to bare children. Babies having babies.

“The decision was made to allow some specified teachers to have condoms that they could distribute after a discussion with the student,” said Superintendent Rick Hensel. The rest of the school was highly in favor of the notion, with a unanimous passing, considering that according to a study presented by Oregon Health & Science University nursing interns 7 percent of female students at Gervais High School had become pregnant and 42 percent of their student body claimed to either never or occaisonally use condoms.

The condoms will be distributed by health teachers and is set to take affect this upcoming fall. While of course some parents are going to be outrages by this, considering how common these young pregnancies are becoming, does it really sound like such a bad idea? What do you think? Is 6th grade too young? Let us know!

Source: Complex