Damnnn. Talk about hazing going way overboard. After one pledge lost his testicle last fall in a hazing incident and and the Gamma Phi Gamma fraternity was suspended from Wilmington College, 14 former frat brothers were charged on Thursday for the hazing incident. Find out just what cost this guy his nut and the rest of the pledges suffering after the jump. We’ll give you a hint, it includes towels, cheese, Icy Hot, and a sheep.


This goes much farther than getting paddled like in old school hazing days. According to the charging documents, one hazing activity required pledges to strip naked, fill their mouths with limburger cheese, rub Icy Hot all over their bodies (and we mean all, crotch included) and then “f**k a sheep” which wasn’t actually a sheep but just a ball of stuffing.

That’s not what made Tyler Lawrence short a testicle though. The hazing incident that would leabe Lawrence nutless involved the frat brother whacking the pledge with “knotted-up towels” with which Lawrence got hit so hard in his groin that he crumbled to the ground and would later have to be hospitalized, and then you know what happens from there.

Surprisingly enough though, Lawrence is defending the frat insisting it wasn’t an act of hazing. “It was a freak accident more than anything. It definitely wasn’t meant to happen, not hazing whatsoever,” Lawrence told WLWT. “It’s like one of those one-in-a-million chances where I was that one guy.”

Well, that one guy who would still have two balls if he wasn’t getting whipped with knotted towels. Whether Lawrence says it was hazing or not, the 14 former frat brothers were charged with hazing and each face a maximum of 30 days in jail.

SOURCE: Complex