Earlier some old footage of a younger Justin Bieber telling a racist joke spilled onto the forefront of the every media source. Justin Bieber says he told the racist joke when he was 15, and he apologizes. With people like Donald Sterling and Adrien Broner under fire for racist comments, the Bieber must’ve thought this was only right. Check the apology after the jump.

Justin told TMZ:

“As a young man, I didn’t understand the power of certain words and how they can hurt. I thought it was ok to repeat hurtful words and jokes, but didn’t realize at the time that it wasn’t funny and that in fact my actions were continuing the ignorance. “I’m very sorry. I take my friendships with people of all cultures very seriously and I apologize for offending or hurting anyone with my childish and inexcusable mistake. I was a kid then and I am a man now who knows my responsibility to the world and to not make that mistake again.Ignorance has no place in our society and I hope the sharing of my faults can prevent others from making the same mistake in the future. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to say but telling the truth is always what’s right. Five years ago I made a reckless and immature mistake and I’m grateful to those close to me who helped me learn those lessons as a young man. Once again….I’m sorry.”


Was he apology genuine enough for you?

via TMZ

Julissa Bartholomew