IFWT_Apple 2014 WWDC
This is it, the moment we’ve been wiring for, the Official word from Apple on all that we’ve been stressing about!!

Tat Wza

Feels like Car Play will be big, Beats is mos def going to be apart of this years shin dig, But we’ll see won’t we!! I can’t wait to get my eyes on that iPhone!! As the presentation happens, we will up date this post incase you missed it!

Youngest dev in the crowd is 13…wow!

IFWT_Live at Apple Event 10

Big Update in OS X:

Very Translucent, New iCons, great look, Yosemite!! A ‘Dark Mode’, new notification center!
Spotlight is right in your face now, launch an app asap!! New Widgets
iCloud Drive…Biting off Google Drive, but I’ll take it!!

Mail Drop…DOPE!!

New Safari bar
Tab Stacking, and all new private browsing

sharing from Safari browser easier with 1 click!

Airdrop works between iOS and Mac!! ‘Hand Off’ Baby!!

Hotspot can be right from your phone

sms is Cross platform

Caller ID/use your mac as a speaker phone!!! Never Miss a call again!! Macs make phone calls now!!

Dr. Dre gets welcomed to Apple “I can’t wait to get to work” -Dr. Dre

IFWT_Live at Apple Event 40

Reply without leaving app or lock screen!!

Birds eye view of all mobile safari tabs!
Composing messages is so easy now! Is mail better in iOS now??

Save and delete is super simple now!
Spotlight in iOS; way better now!!

‘Quicktype’ could revolutionize the typing game!! Autocorrectmay help(a little Androidish, but I’ll take it!!)
Like in Yosemite, Continuity is dope in iOS!!

Tap to talk in messaging g can save lives while driving!! It’s like voxer in your iMessage!!
IFWT_Live at Apple Event 41

Do not disurb in iMessage thread is necessary!!

Enterprise better integration in iOS…iPhone here comes the White House!!
VIP Thread will bring accessibility to lock screens, really good!

Blah Blah Blah, Health -_-

But your phone contacting your DR. by monitoring your health is F***ing DOPE!!!

Oh they are killing it with ‘Family Sharing’!!

Photo search will help you find by location and time, I needed that!! IG Style photo editing right in the device!
New Photos coming to Yosemite at the top of the year, but in iOS 8 this fall
Better iCloud pricing, Important!!

Siri, will work in the car without touching it!!

1.2M apps in the app store! 7s Billion Apps downloaded

App Bundles coming soon, along with Ap previews, which contains short video’s so you know it’s the app you want!

Test flight will allow Dev’s to invite users to see if you like!

Notifications center with Widgets!!

Apps communicate better with each other
3rd keyboard easier to use!

Touch ID;
3rd party apps can take advantage of Touch ID as well, so your iPhone is truly secure!

Homekit, Apple automation of your crib!!

CloudKit will help app dev’s do the damn thing!!

Metal and 3D graphics…really technical, but great, Gaming just stepped up on iOS devices!

Zen Garden in App store for FREE

WHOA!!! Apple Introduces a New programming Language!! “Swift”
IFWT_Live at Apple Event SWIFT

Making it really easy to develop Apps!!!

WTF, NO iPhone :-/