Wondering what Derek Jeter will get himself into once his playing days are done?!  Well reporters want to know and they asked him about it.  Check out what he’s thinking…



Via SI:

Jeter, 39, said he would like to be an owner when his playing days are over.

“That’s the next goal, buddy,” Jeter said, via theNew York Post. “Calling the shots, not answering to someone, that’s what interests me.

“I’d like to think I would be good one.”

“I’d probably be a little bit more behind the scenes than the Boss,” he said. “But I learned a lot of things from the Boss.” When asked if he would be interested in owning the Yankees if the Steinbrenner family ever decided to put the team up for sale, he joked, “You got some money for me?”

Seeing Jeter in the dugout as a manager, however, is out of the question, he says.

“I want no part of that,” he said with a smirk. “Then I got to answer your questions every day.”