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I would just LOVE this (even though I’m seeing on Twitter that a lot of people don’t agree with me).  I’ve always been a big Patrick Ewing fan, so I’d like to see it happen.  The Knicks are still looking for their next head coach and guess who said he’d be ready if Phil called?!  Our guy … Patrick Ewing!
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Patrick Ewing hasn’t talked with Phil Jackson about the Knicks’ head-coaching vacancy yet, but he said Saturday that he’d “love” the opportunity to coach in New York.“I’d love to go back to New York,” Ewing said in an interview with CBS Sports Radio. “My family is still there, I still have a home there. I’m not sure what is going to happen in terms of who they’re going to have to fill that void but if I get a call, I’m ready.”
“I’m happy where I’m at in Charlotte and I’m enjoying working with coach Steve Clifford and the Charlotte Hornets organization. All I can do is continue to learn my craft. … When and if somebody decides that they believe in me to give me the opportunity, then I’ll be ready.”
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