IFWT_Nicki M

Queens rapper Nicki Minaj hit the stage tonight, and looked amazingly flawless doing it! The Trini beauty flaunted her ASSets in highwaist black and white pants, and opted to go braless under a metallic mesh crop top. Nicki bodied the stage, and brought a couple of BIG surprise guests out to help her tear it down as well See guests and performances inside!

Tonight was a great night in Hip Hop music. Nicki brought out the likes of Soulja Boy, Wayne, Young Thug, AND Drake! Even a bigger surprise to concertgoers being that Drake just dropped a new track today! Nicki even played a prank audience, saying there’s no person in YMCMB that I don’t f*ck with! I love Drake but I can’t f*ck with him, which then cued him to get on stage and surprise guests! I guess they worked through their issues, being that people began speculating that there was still bad blood between the two after Nicki made mention in an interview that his verses may not make it to the her upcoming Pink Print. I guess all’s well that ends well.

Watch the YMCMB clique tear it down below….

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