While on his media run, Hit Boy made his way to BET’s 106 and Park. While there, he explained how his first interaction with Kanye West — through Pharrell — back in 2007, led to “Watch The Throne” and other classic Ye tracks. Check it out after the jump.

Jamaal Fisher

“The first time I sat down and made a beat with Kanye West, in 2011, that was like the most nerve-wrecking thing ever. He’s a perfectionist. I learned so much just from being in the studio, not even being super-hands-on, but just being around him, you learn a lot.”

That was on 106 and Park. Back in 2012, to HipHopDX, the producer mention his very first encounter with the newly married rapper.

“I had originally met Kanye through Pharrell in ’07. He introduced me to him and I played him some beats and he was fuckin’ with ’em but it just didn’t connect like it was supposed to. But then, I ended up meeting his cousin, Ricky Anderson, Kanye’s cousin, and I sent him beats and he said, ‘Kanye fucked with your shit but it just don’t match where he’s at right now.’ I thought he wast just talking bullshit. But then we did the song ‘Christmas in Harlem’ and that was our first collaboration, and from there, he flew me out. We did a bunch of Watch the Throne shit and that’s when ‘Niggas in Paris’ came from and all that shit.”