NBA: Houston Rockets at Utah Jazz

Awww man, SMH.  Say it ain’t so Dwight!  I noticed that Dwight Howard was trending on Twitter so I did some digging … and this isn’t good … at all.
A high school girl (16-years-old) is claiming Dwight Howard flew her out from Florida to hook-up.  Pictures have gone viral on Twitter of Dwight in a hotel room with 2 very young looking girls & there are some alleged text messages between Dwight & one of the girls that leaked.  Not only is this a bad look, but this can get Dwight into some deep legal troubles.
This story is developing and we don’t have all the details yet, but check out what we have so far & we will keep you updated…






Update via Baller Alert:

A 16 year old girl that goes by the name of Deborah (Debbie) took to Twitter today to put Dwight Howard on blast, claiming to have had some type of romantic involvement with the NBA star. She claims the two conversed via text and he even flew her out a few times, calling her his “Princess”. She never makes any mention that the two had any thing sexual going…

On the page she also says that Dwight broke her heart. She doesn’t exactly say WHEN the affair took place, but the fact that he’s wearing Houston Rockets gear tells us it’s pretty recent. Debbie also says Dwight lied to Christine about who she was.