Guatemala’s former police chief was sentenced in a Swiss court on Friday to life in prison for his involvement in 7 killings of inmates in a Guatemalan prison that were not legally authorized. And get this, he pulled this crap during his tenure as police chief from 2004-2007. It took til 2012 for the former police chief, Erwin Sperisen, to be arrested in Switzerland for the planning and directing of these murders. Find out more after jump.


Sperisen was arrested and tried in Switzerland because he has dual Swiss and Guatemalan nationality. Geneva’s criminal court found him guilty of being directly responsible for one murder and jointly responsible for the other six.

Back in 2006, Sperisen was involved in a crazy takeover of the Pavon prison farm where he led more than 3,000 police officers and soldiers into the jail in order to put an end to a crack cocaine lab that was being ran by the inmates. Inmates were even renting out plush homes to fellow prisoners on the jail grounds. Seven inmates were killed during this take over.

Source: ABC News