Apparently Timbaland bailed on some performances in Australia to perform in Finland instead but the only problem is, he ran off with the promoter from Australia’s 500,000 bucks anyway and now he’s in some legal trouble. Find out more about the suit after the jump.


The Aussie promoter, known by the name Showtime, claims in a lawsuit which was filed today that Timbaland agreed to play a series of concerts in Australia and New Zealand in July of 2008 and was given the 500 Gs up front to lock in the gigs.

But then about less than a month before he was scheduled to hit the stage, the promoter says that Timbaland rescheduled the shows until August with no explanation for the delay. Following the rescheduling, only just a few weeks later Showtime then discovered that the producer had scheduled a series of concerts in Finland which landed on the same dates he was supposed to perform down under.

That’s not even the worst of it, turns out when Timbaland finally contacted Showtime to say he was canceling his appearances he actually had the nerve to demand the rest of the $500K pay out he was supposed to get in exchange for his performances! Come on man, you know that’s not right.

Of course they refused though and are now suing Timbaland for the $500,000 he owes Showtime plus damages.