Poor Smush Parker, he was basically the step child nobody wanted on the Lakers. The former guard who was with the Lakers from 2005-2007, didn’t leave much of a mark on the league and left even more to be desired in the eyes of Kobe Bryant. Parker said Kobe very seriously told him he is not allowed to talk to him until he had more accolades under his belt! I have heard this story before but it is still funny. Kobe has been mentioned as a not so great teammate but many former members of the Lakers, but Kobe is gonna be who he is. Bryant was never really fond of Parker to begin with saying, “Smush Parker was the worst,” Bryant said before an exhibition in 2012, via Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Times. “He shouldn’t have been in the NBA, but we were too cheap to pay for a point guard. We let him walk on.” Check out what Smush is saying about it now.