I’m sure we’re no stranger at this point about the benefits of medical marijuana, but this week a judge in Arizona ruled that the greenery also can be used to treat PTSD. Arizona has now joined the other 11 states which permit the use of medical marijuana for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Find out more about the judge’s ruling and find out what a veteran had to say after the jump!


The State Department Of Health Services Director, Will Humble, has until July 9 to either accept, modify or reject the administrative judge’s ruling in favor of making PTSD patients eligible for a medical marijuana registration card.

Last December Humble rejected the order saying that there was a lack of scientific evidence showing marijuana helps patients with the disorder. Now, following an appeal from The Arizona Cannabis Nurses Association, Humble is reconsidering saying on Friday that he would study the order more thoroughly before making a decision.

Judge Thomas Shedden says, despite Humble’s beliefs,that there is substantial evidence that those who suffer from PTSD receive a “palliative benefit from marijuana use.”

An Iraq War Veteran, Ricardo Pereyda, can agree first hand and testified at the hearing himself in favor of the ruling claiming that prescription drugs which were prescribed for his anger, depression and other issues only gave him worse side affects. It wasn’t until 2010 when he started using medicinal mary jane that he finally felt some relief, saying that it made him feel happier and more focused.

“What is it that you need to wait and see before that day that you haven’t seen in the past four days? Get it done. People are dying. And that’s not just veterans,” Pereyda said.”What if I got caught with an ounce or something like that? Under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, I would have had a card and it would have been perfectly legal.”