Donald Sterling is flip flopping once again.  First he allowed his wife to negotiate the sale of the Clippers then he changed his mind once she made a deal.  Then he finally agreed to the sale to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and now he’s changed his mind yet again but this time he has a reason.

Shay Marie

via the Los Angels Times:

Donald Sterling still hasn’t signed off on the official sale of the Clippers because he hopes the NBA will rescind a $2.5-million fine and lifetime ban from all league activities, according to people familiar with the situation.

Sterling recently saw a draft of a statement from the league which he thought absolved him of the penalties, but a person familiar with the NBA’s position said the statement, which was not released to the public, offered no such relief.

Clearly it’s not about the money as Sterling stands to make about $1 billion from the sale, a $2.5 million fine is nothing.  He wants to redeem his name and not be banned from the league he’s come to love.  There’s absolutely no way that Adam Silver and the NBA will rescind his punishment, it would cause way too much outrage.  If he doesn’t change his stance, the NBA will have to move forward with it’s plans to vote him out.