Good news for Mase: He has finally settled his divorce! Unfortuanelty he didn’t get full custody of his kids, but he did win back his musical equipment. Also, he is being ordered to pay 6,000 a month for child/spousal support! I’m sure Betha can handle that though.. Check it out!

Jayyiah Coles

As we first reported, Mase and Twyla Betha pulled the plug on their marriage back in April — after several false starts — with both sides wanting physical custody of their two kids … but Mase caved.

Mase won’t be a stranger to his kids … he gets “reasonable visitation” of up to three hours a day as long as he gives 12 hours advance notice. Mase was ordered to fork over $6,000/month for child and spousal support. For her part Twyla must return ALL of Mase’s musical equipment.


Mason Bethaaaaa! I’m sorry but I can’t help but to think about the feeling of 90’s rap blaring out of my speakers! Gives me the chills!