Michael Jackson Kids

Michael Jackson’s kids and heirs to his estate are definitely financially secure for the rest of their lives, as THEIR children’d lives. Let’s just say Prince (17), Paris(16) and Blanket(12), are definitely living the good life. Find out what crazy amount of spending money they receive per year inside!

According to Page Six

” Today, five years after Jacko’s death, the spending spree continues, with his three kids — now 17, 16 and 12 — enjoying a whopping $8 million allowance a year.
And that money — up from the $5 million stipend they used to split, thanks to the estate’s growing earnings — is separate from the $1 million-plus (up from $700,000) grandmother Katherine receives to watch over Prince, Paris and Blanket.”

“These things that they’re doing they are mostly paying for themselves, with their own money. Look, they also get $15,000 to $20,000 every month just in walking-around money. No one else has that kind of dough around here,” one source said.

“This is why you have had so much of the fighting going on in the family. But the battles have calmed since their uncles have finally found consistent work and everyone has pretty much left [Katherine] alone about money.”

That’s a lot of money for children. Especially children whom are already privileged. Do you think they will be able to manage and stay out of trouble?

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