I’m just finding out about this, but apparently this twitter account has been tweeting every word in the english language, 1 word at a time! It’s taken 7 years but the project is at an end…Or is it?!

Tat Wza

The last english word has been tweeted, and you can see it and the definition in the gallery above! The twitter account, @EveryWord, was started by an artist(Adam Parrish) that was just looking to take advantage of the ‘newly formed social media’, which of course was ‘at the time’. The account is actually run by a twitterbot(which is a program that programmed to automatically tweet, often used to pick up on keywords you tweet). Checkout a really interesting interview Parrish did just this past wednesday, and go through the tweets and see if you have a favorite word you want to RT like thousands have been doing! the account has moved on to non-english word, right now those that start with É, which I’m not sure the diff between that and È 0_o