Why Hasn’t The Nike Lebron 11 what the Lebron Sneaker Released Yet? Read More After The Jump…

We all were expecting Nike to deliver the What the Lebron 11 sneaker when they announced that it was going to launch on May 31st well that never happened of course Nike said that the sneaker got pushed back but they never told us the rerelease date they just left the sneaker community with all this anticipation & suspense. Well after some research on this Lebron 11 what the Lebron sneaker. According to a source the Lebron 11 is arriving at retailers globally if they arriving then why haven’t we gotten a release date. Well my take on why Nike hasn’t given us a release date on this Nike Lebron 11 what the Lebron sneaker. Nike is probably waiting for Lebron to win another championship so they can drop a championship pack and then drop the what the Lebron sneaker. If this isn’t a logical answer then I don’t know what is. Kevin Durant’s What the KD6 is still releasing on the expected release date and he’s the MVP makes a lot of sense. What Are Your Thoughts?

Nike What the LeBron 11
Color: Black Lava/Silver Ice-Galaxy Blue
Style Code: 650884-400
Price: $250

Written BY; Sayitwityakickz