I’m seeing All kinds games are coming out of E3, as a gamer, it’a very exciting time, as now PS4 and Xbox One is fully on the map(remember last year this time they were being introduced, ever so slightly), and the most popular titles are finally transferring over to the Higher Res systems!!

Tat Wza

My Homie the HipHopGamer is out in LA right now checking out all the goods!!

But here is what the internet is showing us!!

Batman Arkham Knight;

Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain;

Rainbow Six Siege;

Uncharted 4:


New Killzone;

Project Cars;

Hellraid(Which seems like it has something to do with Assasin’s Creed);

AC Unity;

Planetside 2(coming to PS4);

Nero(Xbox One);

Mortal Kombat;

Star Wars: Battlefront;

Dead Island 2;

Some footage about what’s going on with the PS Vita;