Lil Boosie has taken to SkeeTV to discuss a number of topics including who supported him the most while incarcerated. When asked the question Boosie stated that he’d have to say Young Jeezy gave the Baton Rouge lyricist the most comfort.

Adriela Batista

“Jeezy held me down the most,” stated Boosie. “I used to holler at Gotti. I’d holler at Webbie but I had so much going on that the times I did holler I’d holler but I had to focus on my life and getting back to the free world.”

He continued;

“The whole thing just as a whole is gonna make me a better person because now I know niggas and women ain’t loyal. So that just smartened me up…It just made me a better person and it made me understand that I can’t mess up and do stupid stuff, little small mistakes, because they’re gonna try to slam me to the cross. Now, I’m ready. I’m focused. No more ‘Free Bossies!’”

The full interview will be airing Tomorrow, June 13th on SkeeTv.