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Well now this makes sense.  See there was a reason behind this whole $20k bet mess.
Was there a $20k bet placed between Kevin Durant and The Game if Game hit a NBA 3-point shot – all net?!  KD said Game was lying, then Game fired back & said KD is a sore loser — thennnn it was all cleared up after the two spoke on the phone.
Check out what happened…



Via TMZ:

The Game called in to the “TMZ Sports” show … and told us he’s worked out his issues with Kevin Durant — and understands that as an NBA star, KD is not allowed to bet on basketball.

Game says he spoke with KD on the phone — and both chalk the whole thing up to a “miscommunication.”

Game says the bet was always supposed to be about $20k in “basketball gear” that KD would donate to the league … and insists cash was never supposed to change hands.

The rapper added, “He’s a professional athlete and so, I guess the rules are they are not to gamble on basketball … which is very understandable.”

Game says KD agreed to donate the gear — so in the end, the real winners are the kids.

-lead photo via BDS