Lil Mo


Lil Mo is no stranger to scandal. In a recent interview she unveiled that she saw signs that her ex-husband was cheating on her when they were conducting a three-some and the chemistry between him and the other woman seemed too genuine. Now, Lil Mo reveals that Catfish star and known scam artist in the D.C. area is actually the biological kid of her ex-husband Gus Stone. Check out her long speech she made via Instagram confronting the situation, after the jump.

“Big shoutout to MY “estranged” SON!! @colepushaz! i cannot sit here and LOL and point fingers at a young man that has the SAME FATHER as my daughters heaven and Godiss love,” she announced. “I saw the MTV special “Catfish” and my heart was saddened. I laughed at first because i was like “heaven ya brother on TV”. BUT the fact is, i literally saw this YOUNG MAN raise HIMSELF!!,” she continued. “His grandmother helped. but he wasn’t her responsibility. numerous payments was sent to the child support account. that I paid out of my pocket. he was raised without a “YOU know what” !! in these streets, get it how you LIVE IT!! he is NOT a bad guy. he needs guidance. i truly hope he makes his way in the music industry. which is way more cruel than the real world. ps iLove you Jerez!! never give up ok!! love always, MOm #sorryIhadtoBEhumanTHISonce #backtoBEINGanALIEN”


via Hip Hop Wired

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