I’m sure you’ve heard that there are 2 new iPhones coming this fall, But most of the leaks, renders, and mock-ups have been for the reported 4.7″ model, Not this time though, this time a dummy Mock-up of the 5.5″ model has been produced, and compared directly to the 4.7″ model so we can see what we’re dealing with!!

Tat Wza

Keep in mind, we have yet to see a working model for either size, but I’m sure you’re still just as curious as I am to see what the ‘reported’ 2 new iPhone 6’s will look like! All in all, they have the same design, new power button position, thinness, except the larger version has an extra whole by the front camera, which speculation is it’s a Mic! *See the 2 NEW iPhones In The Gallery Above*