The L.A Kings defeated the New York Rangers 3-2 in double overtime last night, winning game 5 and winning the NHL Finals 4-1.  It’s the Kings second Stanley Cup in three years.  So how did they celebrate?  They took the Cup to their neighborhood bar and filled it with… a ton of M&Ms.

Shay Marie

via TMZ Sports:

Most of the Kings and the Stanley Cup arrived triumphantly at North End Bar & Grill in Hermosa Beach early this morning. In the video, Alec Martinez — who shot the Cup-winning rebound shot — helps fill the trophy with bag after bag of Plain, Peanut Butter, and of course Peanut (the best) M&Ms and then grabbed the first handful.

Not that hockey players are superstitious, but the Kings brought the Cup to the same bar hours after winning it 2 years ago.

We’re told captain Dustin Brown, Matt Greene, Drew Doughty, Anze Kopitar, Jarret Stoll and Jonathan Quick — to name a few — all partied with their fans. It’s unclear who got first crack at taking the Cup home when they finally left the bar around 4 AM.

Oh, and the dapper dude in the video, sporting the vest and tie, is this year’s official Keeper of the Cup. You’re gonna see a lot of him, and he’s gonna log a ton of miles.