At least he didn’t try to sell it to the cop. A 450 pound Florida man was pulled over for a simple traffic stop for his seat belt. To avoid getting arrested, the quick thinking man put 23 grams of weed under his stomach fat. Unfortunately, his great idea didn’t work Hit the jump for more details on this story.


When he stopped the vehicle, the deputy immediately noticed that both the driver and passenger were nervous. And he also noticed that the passenger still wasn’t wearing his seat belt. At about 450 pounds, the passenger — Christopher Mitchell, 42 — said he was simply too large to wear the belt.

Due to growing suspicions, a Sheriff’s Office drug-detecting K-9 was brought to the scene. The dog quickly alerted deputies to the presence of drugs. The resulting investigation turned up cocaine, 23 grams of marijuana hidden under Mitchell’s stomach fat, a .380-caliber semi-automatic handgun and more than $7,000 in cash stuffed into a tube sock.

The man in the driver of the car was then arrested. Man, next time just put in the …nevermind.

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