NFL: New England Patriots at New York Jets

After picking up two second round picks that didn’t make it with the New England Patriots, New York coach Rex Ryan says they could very well make it with the Jets.  While many consider Patriots coach Bill Belichick a football genius, Ryan couldn’t care less if the players didn’t make it with him, according to him that doesn’t mean they won’t still be great.

Shay Marie

via ProFootballTalk:

“I don’t believe the one guy up in New England’s got all the answers,” Ryan told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.  “I worry about ourselves, what we think of a player and how we evaluate a player.  Do I respect the hell out of Bill [Belichick]?  Absolutely.  But if we think a player can help us, we don’t care how we get him.”

The players in question entered the league as the 53rd overall pick in 2010 (linebacker Jermaine Cunningham) and as the 33rd overall selection in 2011 (cornerback Ras-I Dowling).  They didn’t last with the Patriots due in large part to injuries and inconsistent performances.  With only 53 roster spots, guys who can’t play well and/or can’t play at all won’t be on the roster for very long, no matter their draft pedigree.

Still, Ryan is banking on the possibility that Belichick screwed the proverbial pooch in letting both guys go.

“Sometimes what might not be good for you looks good for somebody else,” Ryan said.  “You know what?  Guys make mistakes.”