_Principal Forces Students To Walk In Heat Without Water For Not Wearing Uniforms?!

Tammy Holland, a principal at Manchester Elementary School in Fayetteville, North Carolina, is in big trouble after forcing students to walk around a dirt track for over two hours without hydration. The students were punished because they did not wear their uniforms on the last day of school. Read more on the story below!


The principal ordered the students to step outside and walk around the dirt trail of the Elementary School for not wearing their uniforms. The temperature was around 70-80 degrees, but the humidity made the weather seem hotter than what it was. The kids had to continue walking until their parents arrived with their uniforms or took them home. Tammy Holland did not allow the kids inside the school and she even told the teachers to not give the students water. Throughout the punishment, parents said, Holland didn’t allow the kids inside and she forbid teachers from giving them water.

The mother of a student says she received a call from an administrator who told her to bring her daughters uniform to school. She said she did, but she was not in a rush to do so since she didn’t know the position her daughter was in during the hot weather. The mother goes on to say, “When I got out there, they had stopped under the tree because it was so hot…It would break your heart.” The children were exhausted.The mother, Laquitta Lockhart, called the school district and the walk around the trail in the blazing heat was put to an end. School district officials are investigating the issue, being that forced physical activity is illegal under school district rules.