This is some Big Fat Liar ish. A film student at Los Angeles Film School is suing the writers of “Men In Black 3” after claiming that his homework assignments were used to finish the movie’s screenplay. Find out what other movies he claims were based on his assignments after the jump!


Constantino Basile says that his script ideas were so top notch that that they were used for the movies “Prometheus” and “Elysium,” along with “MIB 3.” Plus his ideas were even tapped by Steven Spielberg for the classic SNL spoof, “Laser Cats 7.”

According to the court documents, Basile is accusing a former teacher of selling his work to Hollywood film writers. Hopefully he has some solid proof cause this situation doesn’t sound like it will work too well in his favor.

Especially considering Basile is going into the case with no lawyer and these Hollywood heads are sure to have some of the best, most expensive lawyers in California.

Source: TMZ