Now not only is she recycling but she’s also turning old hunks of junk into works of art. Jennifer Beatty, a New York based graphic designer and graduate student at the School of Visual Arts, has been taking parts from old bikes and re-imagining them into classic logos like Adidas, MTV and more. She doesn’t just do logos though. Check out her work after the jump!


These works were inspired by an assignment given to Beatty by her professor called the “100 Days” project, which requires her to create one work of art each day for 100 days.

Well, Beatty remixed it a little bit and made her own “100 Hoopties” (hoopties A.K.A old beaten down bikes). Beatty collects all different types of discarded bikes and bike pieces and re-creates them into different well known characters, posters and logos.

So far, she’s on day 70 and her work has featured the classic film ET, Breaking Bad’s Heisenberg, Grumpy Cat and many more!

Check out some pics of her work in the gallery above!