IFWT_Kim K Game
All my Hardcore gamers, HELL NO!! But this game isn’t really for those guys, it’s a mobile game(Kim Kardashian: Hollywood) built for iOS and Android, which is all the rage anyway, but this is probably more for a certain type of demographic, and that feels like the teenage girl, and wannabe celebs!

Tat Wza

I mean I don’t know how this will ‘play out’, I’m a long time gamer, and I enjoy the mobile gaming scene, but this outside of my privy as I don’t understand people that want to be celebs without talent or putting hard work, I also absolutely do not understand the teenage girl mentality(as I shouldn’t). So with all that being said, the objective of this ‘game’ is to “create your own aspiring celebrity and rise to fame and fortune”. Here is an hour long look at the game play;

What do you think?!?! I have NOTHING against Kim K or what she does, but this game is TRASH!!! #NoDisrespect