Amidst the fierce battle between military officials and Islamist going on in Egypt there is another battle being fought. This battle targets woman’s basic human rights and violates there most sacred being. A few weeks ago at the inauguration of Egypt’s new president a woman was violently gang raped in Tahrir Square. Sexual violence continues to take place at several march’s against sexual violence. Tradition and revolution have made females the subject of genital cutting to young girls , mob sexual assaults and gang rape. Many of these gross offenses are committed by government officials, including the military.


Between February 2011 and January 2014, at least 500 women were sexually assaulted by mobs in Egypt and thousands of women were subjected to sexual harassment, according to Egyptian activist groups. Tradition tells woman that not only is it shameful to speak about sexual assault it is shameful to be a victim as well. However since 2011 woman have been speaking up and voicing their anger. In that same year 17 female activist were subject to “virginity test” by the military against their will. The women were vaginally examined by military doctors. The president justified the test saying they were to safeguard the military against accusations of rape. Like only virgins could technically be raped. The Egyptian military sexually assaulted Egyptian women so that they could not “falsely” accuse officers of sexual assault. Police officers are known for raping woman as well. Laws with harsh punishments have been placed on sexual crimes, while (although not limited to) the law-enforcers are the ones committing these heinous crimes. The message is clear, If you are a woman in Egypt your body is not safe.