If you thought the 9 month old being charged with murder was crazy , check this out. A 102 year old woman is Massachusetts has charges pending for murdering her 100 year old roommate. To make matters worse, the poor lady has dementia. How can someone that’s not in their right mins be charged with murder ?! Check out more details on this story after the jump.


BOSTON — Nearly five years after a woman was charged with killing her 100-year-old roommate in a Massachusetts nursing home, a second-degree murder charge is still pending against her at the age of 102.
Laura Lundquist, diagnosed with dementia, was deemed incompetent to stand trial after she was charged with strangling Elizabeth Barrow, who was found in her bed with a plastic bag tied around her head.
Since then, the oldest murder defendant in the state’s history has been held at a psychiatric hospital. Prosecutors say they don’t expect the case to ever go to trial, but just in case, the murder charge remains on the books.

Why are they seriously wasting their time and money?

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