A 26-year-old mother Lacey Spears used the internet to blog and felt that the internet was her support group. She blogged about her son Garrett and his physical condition. What could possibly make her poison her son. Read on…..

IFWT Techie Tat Wza says: “It true, she should be put under the jail. Who is that thirsty?!?!?”

Laura Rodriguez

She blogged about Garnett’s 23 hospitalizations in the first year of his life. She blogged until his last month alive in January, when the 5-year-old died with a lethal amount of sodium in his system in a hospital in Westchester, NY. She turned herself in Tuesday and has plead not guilty. She was researching the affects salt would have on her son before allegedly using it on him to kill him. It’s being said her blog served as a motive to kill the boy. She is due back in court July 2nd, and could face 25 years.