If you’re really out here on some Boss-ish, got $ to burn, flush down the toilet? Then yes, you are mod def ready for Sat-Fi pricing!

Tat Wza

If you don’t remember, Sat-Fi is Satellite Wi-Fi, just with out the Wi, except it is still Wi-reless! Ok down to business, a company called Globalstar has a Sat-Fi device for $1K, then you have to get a monthly plan that’s about a dollar a minute, which is like 90’s cellular pricing, so $40 for 40 minutes, but you can spend $150 for unlimited, yes a month, up to 8 devices! Here’s the thing, the data rate is Ass, which means it’s NOT unlimited data, just unlimited text and calling with some emails….so MetroPCS and Boost are killing it in terms of data. Now the way you’re really balling is Sat-Fi can go ANYWHERE on the Planet earth, and possibly some spots off planet.