During a major sweep of Rikers Island, officials found both weed and coke stashed in the backpacks of two of the prison’s guards. Maybe “Orange Is The New Black” sparked the thought of a sweep, but no one was safe from the city Department of Investigation’s sweep of Rikers, as they looked for drugs, weapons and contraband. More details after the jump!

Jamaal Fisher

According to NY Daily News, By Monday DOI and corrections employees had thoroughly searched more than 75 locations there, including inmates’ cells and common areas such as lunchrooms and lockers used by guards.

The sweep was part of an ongoing probe by DOI, which has so far referred 12 cases for prosecution, two of which resulted in arrest around 10:30 a.m. Monday outside a Target in the Bronx.

The two guards had a combined 8 ounces of cocaine and some marijuana.