IFWT_in jail thanks facebook
This guy is like a super genius, IF he was really looking to get locked up with an NO defense!! A 26 year old Minnesota man, Nicholas Wig, broke into a home on June 19th, and while there decided he had the run of the house, logged into his Facebook page, and forgot to log out when he left!!

Tat Wza

Not only that, but when the cops came to pick him up, he had on the vic’s watch…you idiot! Jimmy, Fallon or Kimmel, is going to have a field day with this one, I’m not here to tell anyone how to commit a crime, but when burglarizing a home, you not only ‘don’t log in to FB and forget to log out, AND erase history’, you Take the computer, duh!! Damn, even criminals have to SAY NO TO DRUGS!!!!!

See BGR to see what the cops said.