While the age of “TRL” has long been dead it is about to be resurrected for one day and one day only. MTV announced today that Ariana Grande is bringing back
“Total Request Live” and has remixed it the title to “Total Ariana Live” which will be hosted by none other than Sway Calloway. Find out more after the jump!


“It’s a huge honor to be able to bring back a show like ‘TRL,’ I used to love watching it growing up,” Ariana said. “Can’t wait to celebrate with my loves in Times Square. Might have some surprises too…”

Sway will host the show and conduct interviews getting the details on Ariana’s sophomore album. He will also put Ariana to the test by having her play a game called “Hip Hop Mix Up” where in each round the singer will have to spin two big wheels that will land on a song title for one and a vocal style (like Country or Valley Girl) on the other. Ariana will then have to sing the song in that style. Should be interesting.

After almost 6 years of the show being off the air, Charlie Walk, the Executive Vice President of Repuclic Records, says Grande is the only one who could successfully bring the show back.

“Only one artist has the power to turn the lights back on at 1515 Broadway in the iconic ‘TRL’ studios, and that’s Ariana Grande,” said Walk. “The transformation to ‘Total Ariana Live’ represents her one-of-a-kind star power combined with MTV’s immense multimedia platform, setting the stage for the ultimate global partnership.”