If the facts of this story are true then soccer star Ronaldo is a pretty cool guy. The Portugal star was returning to his room at his team’s base for the World Cup in Brazil when he personally caught a young fan in his room. He was startled that the 15 year old was able to avoid security and reach his room but it appears Ronaldo never felt threatened by the encounter. He was just a huge fanatic and took his one chance in life to be near him or his stuff. Reportedly Ronaldo never called the cops to get him in trouble and even did something cool for the kid. Hit the jump.


Police were never called at that moment but they were notified later by security. After the report was translated to English it read as the following:

Once inside the room, Leal (the boy) took a rest on Ronaldo’s bed because, as he said, ‘he knew he had laid on it.’

Incredibly the teenager was caught in the act by Ronaldo himself, but rather than turning the boy into police for trespass, Ronaldo is said to have told the boy he wouldn’t called the cops, and moreover, he allowed Leal to snap a photo of him as he escaped the exact way he got in.

The picture the boy snapped of Ronaldo has gone viral since but it really shows how humble and down to earth he is even though he might not appear so while playing.

How many people would of freaked out and called the police instead of realizing it was just a harmless fan who maybe went about things the wrong way. Now that’s love.