BK’s own Buckshot had some choice words when discussing acts coming out of Brooklyn. While he does believe some deserve the recognition they’re getting, he also says that others don’t. He talks on how some New Yorkers overdo representing the empire state of mind and also discusses which movement coming out of NY that he strongly endorses. Find out exactly what he had to say after the jump!


With the New York hip hop scene buzzing right now, AllHipHop.com asked the Brooklyn hip hop vet what he thought of the state of hip hop in BK right now. To which he had this to say:

“I’ll just say some people deserve to be in that position of acknowledgement, and some people really don’t. I give props to the people that deserve it. I don’t really mention any names.Some people say they represent New York. Okay you represent New York, but when certain people keep saying “New York, New York, New York” all the time that just becomes a little bit aggravating after a while. You don’t gotta keep saying it all the time. Some people just overdo it.”

While he does criticize some, he does acknowledge those who he truly supports. Specifically, artists that he’s recently worked with like Joey Bada$$ and CJ Fly from Pro Era, who were featured on the track “Flute” which will be on his upcoming joint album with P-Money called BackPack Travels. On top of their talent, Buckshot also expressed his respect for the Pro Era crew due to their recognition to the OGs.

“There’s certain things you’re just amazed at, because they are so dope as individuals. And those are the type of people that give props to artists of the 90’s. To me, that’s special because I’ve always given props to the artists before me like the Big Daddy Kanes, the Slick Ricks, and the KRS-Ones,” he said.