Well, with all this attention he’s been getting in the media, it was only a matter of time until he saw some negative backlash. I mean, despite being a convicted felon the man has been being treated as if he’s God. But now, things aren’t looking too good. Jeremy Meek’s newly hired manager has been receiving threatening phone calls where she’s being told she deserves to die! It is a little crazy that Meeks is getting the shine he’s getting but I think death to his manager is going a tad bit over board. Find out who’s making these harassing calls after the jump!


From demanding designer clothes, to having a laser removal company offering to post bail to getting a hash tag named in his honor (#feloncrushfriday), Jeremy Meeks has really come into some notoriety lately since his dreamy mugshot surfaced and had women all over the world swooning.

Being that Meeks has been over loading news feeds around the world lately, his family thought it was appropriate that they hire him a manager, hoping to take his new found fame and make it profitable.

Seems like a good idea but now his manager has received around 30 phone calls from “gangster-sounding people” who have been threatening her life. One person even repeatedly threatened to blow her head off because she deserved to die.

Meeks is known to be a former member of LA’s Northside Crips and has been arrested for plenty of violent crimes including assault, robbery, corporal injury to a child, weapon charges and street terroism.

It’s really not surprising that the violence followed him into the limelight. Let’s just hope for his manager’s sake that these are just weightless threats. For now, she has filed a report with the LA Sheriff’s Department.