People often times hit social media for quick advice; even the multi-millionaires! Daymond John, the super successful entrepreneur hit his Facebook page to discuss his current situation, which was going out on a date with an ex. He asked his Facebook fans and followers what his next move should be when he sensed his ex was becoming raunchy! HaHa check out just exactly what went down on that date!

Jayyiah Coles

John wrote on his wall: “The first hour of catching up was fun. The drinks have now settled in and she has been talking my ear off for 3 hrs!! She is also starting to make the subtle hints about having a lil after party, Wink wink! Nothing could be further from my mind! . . . What do you think I should do???”

He received 1,500 suggestions, including giving the ex the “Shark Tank” send-off, “For that reason, I’m out.”
John then tells the story: “I came out of the bathroom, her phone was going crazy and she flew out of the restaurant like a bat out of hell. I found out later that her boyfriend hopped in his car in his pajamas to come and snatch her up.”

He posted lessons learned from the experience, including, “Don’t meet up with someone who has been drinking all night when you’re dead sober.”


There’s a lot of risk involved in blogging your personal life online, be mindful!