Nothing will ever be the same. 38 million Americans enjoy maryjane and now residents in states where medical marijuana is legalized will be able to buy weed laced delicacies from there local food truck. The SAMICH truck is serving up a “Danksgiving” sandwich made of turkey with stuffing, homemade gravy, and cranberry chutney on cornbread Also on the menu is a Vietnamese pulled pork sandwich and an extravagant PB&J. It’s a stoner foodie’s paradise, however the legality of this food truck is up for debate.


The company’s food trucks are cleverly made from converted school buses. The state of Washington is not issuing a marijuana license to the “Magical Butter Company.” However, because they are serving up medical cannabis the assumption is that customers will have to show there cannabis prescription to buy these magical treats. Loopholes people! The SAMICH truck’s main purpose is mainly to promote its MB2 extractor gadget. The extractor gadget gives consumers a easier way to infuse butter and cooking oils with THC. A nice alternative for anyone who doesn’t want to smoke there maryjane. Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson stated that the company was operating under a “gray area” of the law. Who cares? These treats have 30-100 grams of THC infused into them, yum.