Another case where a woman is brutally beaten and men and women alike just stand around encouraging the violence. Footage has emerged of a woman sitting on a bench in the Parade Ground of Prospect Park in Brooklyn where she is jumped by a group of teenage girls and savagely beaten. Watch the video after the jump.


This is just so sad. Has our society really become this desensitized to violence that all of these brutal fight videos are really okay? Tony Herbet of the National Action Network hopes this is not the case and is doing all he can to find the attackers and give them the help they need.

“What we are asking for is the victim, we are asking her to come forward because we need to get these people off the street. And get them the counseling or whatever it is they need. So they won’t do this to somebody else. They thought it was fun to kick them literally in their face and laugh about it,” he said in a press conference yesterday.

Watch the full fight video below:

Plus see reactions from the community in MyFoxNY’s coverage of story here:
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