Yesterday Youtube introduced a new way for its video creators to make money on the site at Vidcon. Read on to find out how you can make money on youtube.

IFWT Tech Tat Wza says, “There are actually a few great changes coming to youtube, besides the the ‘fan funding’ and linking to your crowd-funding(like Kickstarter or indiegogo), they are also bringing language to video’s, so if there is a vid in a foreign language, it will automatically come in english as well as other languages, AND they are upping their frames per second to 60 so action videos will show better, AND they’re launching an hour long music show called “The Youtube 15″ on Sirius XM sat radio showcasing youtube’s emerging and established musical artists! Exciting times over at Youtube!!!”

Youtube is calling its latest project Fan Funding, it allows viewers to donate as much as $500 to video creators. Its basically like a tip jar. Trail channels are already in the works. Creators can apply to have their channels added to the trail. Youtube will be taking a 5% commission on all donations, plus a flat fee of $0.21 to cover costs.

Laura Rodriguez