Young Jeezy

With the release of his latest banger ‘Seen It All’ featuring Hov, the ATL repper has announced that his 5th studio album will be a true reflection of who he is, now that he is able to express himself without limitations!

Adriela Batista

Jeezy took to the V 103 Atlanta radio station to discuss his upcoming album ‘Seen It All’ and has revealed the influence behind his title came from his experiences. Simply put, he’s been through it all, done it all, ‘seen it all’. He also explained that he has more freedom with this album, and can tell his story the way he wants:

“A lot of y’all know when I came in the game, I pretty much came in the game with my hands behind my back. ‘Cause a lot of the shit I’d a like to talk about or could’ve talked about probably would have got me in a lot of trouble,” Jeezy said. “This is probably my first album where I can explain and let niggas know where I stand. In layman’s terms, the statute of limitations is over with.”